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The fox delivers the power of root vegetables! · By bitchunk


Recent updates

Game Illustration. and Joined #FFSjam
I was drawing illustrations the game. maybe use for manuals. KONSAIRI Joined game jam "Finally Finish Something 2020".
KONSAIRI Beta version 1.0 is Out!!
This version has the no clear goal. The goal, if any, is to return from the cave to the starting point. To get to the next area, wake the NPC from sleep and eat...
4 files
KONSAIRI Alpha version 1.2
Added MAP select (Use Lotus skill) Decided 7 Roots skills update Pot-Matlagning result Added HP system Added Applied NPC Style fixed Camera works Updated Title...
4 files
KONSAIRI has a multi-cart connection.
Hello. everyone! I'm developing to the game KONSAIRI. That the feature in game is most of platformer. and a little of Cooking. There are 8 or more map areas...
Release "KONSAIRI" Alpha version on!
KONSAIRI is 2D Platform game. this made by pico-8. The current release is the alpha version. I developing to next version... If you want to see the latest statu...
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