Version 1.2 update contents

Golden dishes will be added!

With this, good things will happen!

  • On-the-fly recovery when you run out of life, and the design of Ruth's hair ornament will change!
  • NPC HEALTH will be greatly increased!

Let's find some recipe combinations that'll make you cook golden!

Now you won't get lost? More features to help you on your journey!

  • Paths to different areas, ROOMs, and dungeons are now color-coded!
  • You can now see the map from the Adventure screen!

Inventory can now be opened using only the menu button (START)!

There are other updated elements as well. I suggest you check the manual!

Additional content

  • Particles when touching grass that pulls out root vegetables
  • Color-coded pins for "ROOM" and "DUNGEON ENTRANCE".
  • Avatar change appearance to cooking screen (requires complete pack)
  • Smoothly moving virus eyes (animation)
  • Golden cooking elements
  • Anti-slip on burdocks
  • Check the map at any time
  • Up + X action to throw root vegetables backwards
  • Residents dozing animation
  • Consiliki particles added
  • Ruth delivers a soliloquy message
  • Show the healthiest residents with ★
  • Show root vegetables that are going to become seeds in the meal results screen
  • Fade between cooking screen and adventure screen


  • Prevent AGILITY, VELOCITY, and JUMP from dropping to 1
  • Adjusted some songs
  • Changed day/night time zone, longer in the morning and shorter in the evening
  • Camera behavior
  • Color of unsupported dungeon pillars
  • Meal cooldown time for Lord of the Black Pots
  • Changed background color of some areas
  • Changed block placement in some areas
  • Cleared a route for sowing seeds in the CASKET area
  • Menu button only for inventory, long press for system menu
  • Achromatic ◎ button for areas that cannot be selected on the guide map
  • Pause the label on the area name display
  • Added support for "◎ while pressing up" for dungeon "cut through action
  • Underwater behavior, speed, etc.
  • Adjusted NPC Health for each root vegetable (downward adjustment)
  • Gave teachable paths to residents who can't tell you the way
  • Adjusted the graphics of residents.
  • Adjusted locations of residents, roots, viruses, doors, etc.
  • 3D model design of dungeon objects

Bug fixes

  • Stabilized particle generation
  • Damage may be caused by using GARLIC when adjacent to a virus in a dungeon
  • The map shows root vegetables that have not been planted.
  • A door near a wall causes a hammering.
  • You don't get a seed right after you get a seed.
  • Viruses that should be deleted in time get accumulated
  • The fade from the title to the demo scene is unnatural


konsairi_tr1.2_windows.zip 1 MB
Jun 13, 2021
konsairi_tr1.2_linux.zip 786 kB
Jun 13, 2021
konsairi_tr1.2_osx.zip 3 MB
Jun 13, 2021
konsairi_tr1.2_raspi.zip 1 MB
Jun 13, 2021


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