KONSAIRI Beta version 1.3 is Out!!

Hi every one!

Made major changes.
With this, you will be able to experience a further KONSAIRI world trip!
Please refer to the following!


  • Changed: Cooking result display.
  • Changed: Character a little graphics.
  • Changed: Marker of Area connection sprite.
  • Added: Action wait gauge.
  • Added: New Area(Under construction).
  • Added: Area View Scene(Just once).
  • Added: NPC meal timing based on time concept.
  • Added: Palette change due to weather.
  • Added: Title scene a little one, 
  • Fixed: Underwater acquisition of vegetables.
  • Fixed:  freeze when  interrupting  chained pull-out with pull-out.



konsairi_b13_win.zip 1 MB
Feb 15, 2020
konsairi_b13_linux.zip 611 kB
Feb 15, 2020
konsairi_b13_mac.app.zip 3 MB
Feb 15, 2020
konsairi_b13_raspi.zip 839 kB
Feb 15, 2020


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